Growing up in Southeast Asia, the seashell accessories, the Capiz wind chimes, and the collectible seashells are very familiar. I have always been attracted to shell accessories, mother of pearls, all things inspired by the mysterious ocean. Until recently, I have an opportunity to explore the Philippines artisans, who handcrafted each piece of the shell jewelry as well as the hand-woven rattan. I immediately fell in love with their crafts. I couldn't resist sharing this with like-minded accessories lovers.


SASIPIM Brand compelled to tell the story of our earrings collection. I was most mind blown by our rare Nautilus Heart Earrings. YES! The Chambered Nautilus shell, the ancient-looking creature you see in the fossilized rock locked away in the museum. No worries, these were found on the coast of the Philippines and not stolen from the museum. Once the empty shell harvested, the artisan would clean them up and polished them until it reveals the luster surface. Determining that the heart shape is the universal symbol of love, why not wear your heart on your ears, Nautilus Heart-shaped earrings that is. 


philippines artisan
heart earring jewelry


Another collectible worthy is our Pearly Arial Earrings, the shells that were used to make is the abalone shells. They're abundantly found on the beautiful beach of The Philippines. They are exclusively selected to be made into this breath-taking pair of earrings. The process is pretty much the same as the grinding of the shell surface until it reveals its iconic pearlized shine. The expert artisans have to be extra careful because the small abalone shells are ultra fragile. This is as close to the ocean as you're going to get; listen carefully, you might just hear the ocean waves. 

pearl earrings jewelry

When mentioned The Philippines' craft, rattan is usually the natural material associated with the region. The sustainable raw material combined with the Filipino artisans' creativity was developed into our eclectic black and white Stripe Engina Earrings. The shell component of the earring is Engina Mendicaria or bumblebee sea snail. The pronounced black and white stripes are something worth admiring. Rattan's versatilities are endless. It could be manipulated into many forms. Our lightweight Fan Rattan Earrings is a showcase of local craft and knowledge. We can all appreciate the intricate handwork of the expert who made these earrings.            engina bumblebee shell

dangling earrings

The obsession for mother of pearl has inspired the Venus Hair Clip to be loved and adorned by our accessories enthusiast. There is just something about wearing mother of pearl that channeled your inner mermaid alter-ego. The classic sophistication of the material and the clamshell shape of this hair clip evoked nostalgia and being close to the beach wherever you are. The artisan would individually carve or grind the form and designs on them. This is an heirloom piece that could be accessorized on many occasions. 

hair barrette


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