Reminiscing on her childhood memories in Thailand, surrounded by handmade intricate woven baskets to seashell chimes dancing to the ocean breeze - Sasipim was inspired to create her namesake brand of handmade accessories line.  Her vision is to bridge the modern fashion with traditional craftsmanship originating from far corners of the world while being kind to the Earth. She search the globe from major urban centers to far away villages in the pursuit of distinctive handmade craft and combine them with bespoke shapes to create the unique modern day handbags and accessories.  

   Our creations balance sophisticated aesthetic and modern design with functionality adapted to everyday lifestyle. Our mission is supporting local artisans and  their families while preserving traditional craftsmanship, and refrain from mass production.  Sasipim is embracing the beauty of generational craftsmanship and their artistic skill for you to love and enjoy for generations to come.