I’m sure many creative people out there can relate.  At one o’clock in the morning and my brain won’t stop imagining the next handbag collection, the color ways, the patterns, the shapes, the styling, the list goes on and on.  As if I was possessed by some kind of creative power, LOL.  My ADD kicked in, next thing I knew, I found myself wondering on Pinterest like nobody’s business.  I didn’t even know where I started my search on, three hours later; my fingers’ joint reminded me that I’ve spent to much time clicking on my keyboard.  Needless to say, I have issues executing a cohesive collection.  I’m chasing after the next shiny object.  

     I always have to remind myself of the objective goal and postponed the rest in my brain compartment for later use.  For my “Launch Collection”, I was fascinated by the handwoven Iraca palm from Colombia.  For extra credit, it’s sustainable and eco-friendly natural material.  The intricate handwoven work of the artisans and the labor intensive process is something to be admired.  I wanted a more muted and subtle tone for the Fall 2020 collection.  Naturally, I leaned toward classic black, natural palm, brown, and Pale Lilac (my brand color).  My choice of pattern is gingham, it’s iconically recognizable and classic.  I needed my wild card. I claimed this to be my free creative design, for an acquired taste.  A story of a woman spending her autumn season in the tropic.